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  1. M

    Monopod for DSLR

    Hi friends, I need a monopod which is quite sturdy for Semi pro DSLR body and pro lens. It should be tall (5Ft) when expanded.and not too heavy and within 2k price. Regards, Mandar
  2. D

    Buying a new computer case.

    Hello everyone, My budget is 5000 max and i want to buy a new pc case. My current cpu cooler is Hyper tx3 and Graphics card is GTX 760. I have one old 250 gb HDD, a Samsung SSD, an external 1 TB HDD and i will add a 2 tb HDD later. I want support for tall coolers, long GPU and plenty of...
  3. seamon

    [Poll]Lenovo vs HP ?

    Nope. Lenovo Y510p stands tall in that category beating the Envy series in everything.
  4. V

    Bike for 85K...Help me out

    Guys... I am looking to buy a bike this Diwali and I have set aside a budget of 80-85K. I am 6ft tall with an average built. I have selected Avenger 220 and Pulsar 220F. Please help
  5. digisubi

    to b the 1..

    guys bring out ur best xperience's in digit. such tht u bestow tht u outclassed ur opponent ..n came d only 1 standing tall.
  6. F

    Best bike for tall people

    Hi All, I am a 6ft tall guy looking to buy a bike. Can anyone suggest a bike which would suit me. I have ridden pulsar and felt it was too low. wat say guys...?
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