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  1. tkin

    Best Audio Player for 9k!!

    So, that's it, just as the title says, suggest some, music/vids only, so no need for android, and no ipods, unless its an awesome deal. My choice is Cowon, any takers here? How's service? PS: Atleast 16GB inbuilt memory or support for mem cards.
  2. L

    Nokia 3220 Charger

    Nokia 3220 Charger for sale! Any takers? Location: NCR
  3. ax3

    Why iPhone owners are ruing their choice

    Mumbai: Those who had rushed to procure the iPhone through the grey market are now in a quandary. With the 3GiPhone launching in India on Friday, they are unable to find takers for the old handsets, even at throwaway prices. Dealers said they had been swamped by people desperate get rid of...
  4. V

    20 gb hdd for sell(mumbai)

    i have a 20gb & 10gb hdd seagate for sell. wht price shld i get any takers .
  5. the_moon

    CAT 2006 Result Declared!!

    The IIMs have declared the result of CAT 2006. The result can be checked at http://iimk.ac.in/scorecard2006.htm Any takers here?!
  6. W

    Mp4 file woes

    I have an .Mp4 file which i wan to burn as SVCD.....tried nero reloaded but in vein...some copyright issues messages... ne takers?
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