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  1. doomgiver

    Laptop for student. 30k-40k

    wanted for girly student stuff, movies, coding. mostly for coding. did i mention movies? open to all options. budget is 30k to 40k. (looking to buy one for the best bang for the buck. also, cheaper is ALWAYS better) just toss some models at me at the 30, 35 and 40k price points, i'll decide...
  2. P

    Acer or Dell

    Hi Guys, I want a laptop in range of 30-40k and have narrowed down to Acer5920 and Dell1525. I will be opting for the same config in either one of them. Which would be better?? Config: T5550 or T7250:confused:Help me here... 2G Ram 160G HDD 6 cell battery Thanks in advance
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