1. S

    creative inspire t3100

    guys after a lot of search on the net and in your forum, i have decided to buy creative inspire t3100 2.1 speakers. i had one one more choice, altec lansing vs 4121 but its extinct. guys i need final comments. i am going to order them on flipkart for Rs. 2300/-
  2. S

    creative inspire t3130

    i was searching for good quality speakers with decent bass.i finally decided to buy creative inspire t3100 speakers. but they are not available anywhere in Goa. for online buying it comes up to rs 2600. the retailers here told that a substitute for t3100 is there which is t3130. sombody pls...
  3. S

    Altec lansing VS2621 or Logitech X-210 or Creative Inspire T3100 ???

    Hey everyone! I'm about to purchase 2.1 speakers for my PS3 Slim, the speakers I can afford are the following: 1) Logitech X-120 (No Bass control) - 25Watts X-210 2) Altec Lansing VS2621 (No Bass control) - 28Watts VS2621 3) Creative Inspire T3100 (with Bass Control) - 29Watts Creative...
  4. george101

    Altec Lansing VS4121 vs Creative Inspire T3100 vs Logitech X-230

    want to get the best bang for the buck at 3k. which one should i opt for ? 1. Altec Lansing VS4121 2. Creative Inspire T3100 3. Logitech X-230 features like secondary input and headphone jack are welcome. does altec lansing have them?
  5. vikramkh

    suggest speakers within 1500 for laptop

    i am confused with two creative or altec as both seem to be good so please help, thinking of sbs 370 or inspire t3100
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