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  1. R

    Samsung Star

    Shud i go for the :arrow: Samsung Star or any other mobile i am looking for touchscreen,good music playback & camera & value for money any competition for it or any gliches with it :?::?::?: from wht i gathered on the net i hav a few confusion 1.wht it lowest price (i saw sum1 wrote...
  2. pushkaraj

    Is it possible to log into orkut simultaneously from 2 computers?

    I hav asked this just out of curiosity ;) Can sum1 with 2 pc try this:?:
  3. vinit suri

    stamping a video...

    guys can sum1 tell me how 2 put a stamp on a video...like ive seen loads of videos whr thr is a small logo sort of thing at the bottom of the video....n it stays thr through out....it even moves a little bit sumtime.....can sum1 tell me how 2 do it?? plzzzzzzzzzz:(:(:D:D
  4. dreams

    Nokia 6288 !!!

    Hi guys.. My frnd hv a idea of buyin Nokia 6288..want to knw some pros and cons abt this model in india..searched thru net and got some bizarre reviews, but all not related to india..so if sum1 is usin this model pls giv their opinion.. help wuld b really appreciated.. TIA
  5. C

    wi-fi prob

    hey m in colg in pune..we have wi-fi enabled campus..and it have proxy server...the prob m facing is that i cant use limewire/ torrents here..sum1 pls help me..i need both of these badly!! :cry:
  6. M

    Request for AR rehman's new song "pray for my brother"

    Can sum1 post it. I was not in mumbai to hear it on31st nite. will sum1 oblige.
  7. R

    !dea GPRS settings

    :?: :?: if !dea has started gprs in UP west then please sum1 tell me the settings for it!! :?: :?:
  8. Maverick340

    Services I can disable...

    I wanted to know the services i can disable in Windows Xp (non SP2) so that ma PC runs faster...i hherd abt this sumwhere but dunno which ones to disable ....So if sum1 cud plz Help me...
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