1. nvrmndryo

    Unable to Install Windows 7 , but able to Install Win xp ??

    hi , I was using win 7 64 , But Some how by using Partition magic I did sumthing wrong , n win 7 got corrupted , so I tried to Install Win 7 again but it won't it says media is corrupt or gives another one error . Then i tried to install win xp 64 n installed succesfully ., Later again I tried...
  2. P

    The Beast Has Gone Into State Of Slumber!!!

    I have a desktop computer,wiz. MSI P45 Neo-F,2x2GB Transcend(800 Mhz),Sapphire HD 4850 512 MB,WDC 640GB Green power,Corsair VX 450W,NZXT Apollo Chassis and Dell US 2208WFP bought on 2nd October,2008.Backup-powered by APC 650 VA I had hell lota viruses and bugs since few days(coz of not...
  3. V

    Another Puzzle

    In this puzzle u have to help 3 cannibals and 3 missionaries to move to the other side of the lake..!!! I have done it succesfully...!!! Find the attatchment..!!!
  4. V

    windows 2003

    I have a windows 2003 client pc which i want to join in my domain the problem is when i was doing that its joined succesfully but user not get the admin right of the same. As user have the admin rights in the my domain please reply
  5. kool

    DOOM CLASSIC (digit dvd)**

    Hey anyone played DOOM CLASSIC which was provided on NOV.2006 DIGIT DVD?? I succesfully installed on my PC, but in game folder doom.exe was missing, Only uninstall.exe is showing with doom icon. Did anyone succesfully played????? if yes how??
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