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  1. The Conqueror

    Books for Data Structure

    I'm little confused on which book to buy. I'm currently in Semester -3 of Mumbai University. The university has recommended the following books for DATA STRUCTURES IN C : TEXTBOOKS: 1. Data Structures A Psedocode Approach with C, Ri chard F. Gilberg & Behrouz A. Forouzan, second edition...
  2. S

    book for data structures

    which is the best book for data structures (c/c++) which with complete algorithms
  3. aneesh kalra

    C++ help required

    anybody here can direct me to a website having a tutorial on data structures specifically for linked queues and stacks.
  4. iinfi

    C++ data structures

    does anyone know any online link to any site which givs "data structures using C++" tutorials ??
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