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  1. E

    Franchise or own business

    Hey guys I want to open my own business with an investment range of 3-5 lakhs.As I am inclined towards technology i would prefer something related to mobiles and accessories or repairing of the gizmos.To be very honest I have been a entrepreneur for last 5 years but have zero experience in this...
  2. victor_rambo

    Stock markets: Did you lose money? Are you gambling with Saytam stocks?

    Hiya, Has anyone of you fared well in the past 6 months in the stock markets? Did you lose money or book profits??? Frankly, though I did not lose money, I did missout an great opportunity to make higher profits by selling stocks just before the great crashes started lining up. Also, anybody...
  3. raksrules

    Buying Satyam stocks now. Good Option ???

    Satyam stocks are below the 40 rupees mark. Is it a good option to buy them now ?
  4. S

    N96 available for 34,999

    finally.. n96 is available for 34,999... though some dealers say it's dependent on dealer to dealer.. if you r in del... u still nd to wait though :mad: they say short on stocks, will be better after friday... but no such prblm in chennai, bangalore and mum ..
  5. H

    M69885.Moser player dvd player?Where to get it???

    I want to buy the Moser Baer DVD player M69885, but on searching the net I could not find a single online bazaar who stocks the same. Can anyone please help me with shop name/location, about where to find it in Kolkata?? Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Receive Hot Stock Alert!

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  7. Gigacore

    Grab ur Solaris 10 DVD now!!!

    Well this is a limited time free shipping of Solaris 10 from Sun.. I ordered Solaris 10 OS as my first option.... Grab it before, stocks last.
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