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  1. The Conqueror

    Using both conio and stdio

    Well, I'm pursuing computer engineering. Unfortunately, at our college we use the decade old Turbo C Compiler. Add to the misery, the professor insists on using both stdio.h and conio.h standard libraries. I did some research and found that the stdio.h library has all the prototypes and...
  2. blueshift

    GCC error- help

    1. When I compile using GCC, its giving me error 'cannot find stdio.h...other header files.' Its just a simple hello program that I checked. It used to compile the last time I ran. I checked the directory: /usr/src/linuxheader.../include/asm. There are no stdio.h, stdlib.h header files. What...
  3. demoninside9

    turbo c help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i had my turbo folder in D drive with named "tc". when i use it i would click tc.exe. and there is a menu named option>directories. in directories i have change settings that why my program is not running, it shows unable to open stdio.h. the present position in directories is 1- D:\TC...
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