startup problem

  1. Shade97

    horizontal line artifacts and low resolution screen on POST/BIOS Splash screen

    my problem basically was after PC is shut down(as in the main power switch turned off) for a long time(always the next morning,because it stays off for 7-8 hours while i sleep ) it used to,and still does some times the following shows how the problem has got progressively worse to its current...
  2. C

    Acer Ms2347 Startup Problem

    Config: 500 Gb HDD, 2 Gb RAM, Windows 8.1, i3 -2nd Gen Problem: I installed BitDifender and then restarted it. But since then its been stuck...bios doesn't load, system's not loading....tried to recover or even reboot from Boot-able pen-drive. But I am not able to get into the setup mode to...
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