1. D

    Advise on 24 inch Monitor

    Hello please help you to understand the difference betweent the three mentioned monitors. Which is the best among the three and are the prices good here. 1) DELL MONITOR 23" S2340L WITH IPS PANNEL 2)DELL MONITOR 24" LED ST2420L 3)DELL MONITOR 24" LED S2440L Is ther any other...
  2. arun garg

    Samsung S23A350H or Dell ST2420L monitor

    I want to but a led monitor. I have selected these two models from dell and samsung. First one is Dell ST2420L and second one is Samsung S23A350H . Please advice me which one should i buy. And what are the prices of these two monitors in india.
  3. ajayashish

    Dell ST2420L

    Can someone tell me how is Dell ST2420L monitor ST2420L full HD monitor with LED Details | Dell India I am planning to buy this tomorrow and any comments will be appreciated. I will connect this to my laptop to see movies and working on Flash or web designs... and gaming sometimes... They...
  4. M

    Monitor 23-24"

    Hi After 2 nightouts and almost sleeping days at my office I have decided that I will buy only a Samsung or Dell monitor, especially due to the warranty. I have almost decided to buy the Dell ST2420L monitor but the CNET negative review is concerning me. I read a thread here at Digit and...
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