1. A

    would a sshd compatible with gigabyte g-41 mobo

    dear friends, i want to buy a new hard disk for my old rig. i want to know whether sshd sata would support my gigabyte g-41 chipset based motherboard ? thanks
  2. B

    Seagate 1TB SSHD [Honest review +Benchmarks]

    Dear all, I am pleased to bring you, The Honest, Most detailed and Practical review of Seagate 1TB LAPTOP SSHD. The Prologue- One fine morning, I wake up to discover that my Primary Desktop computer was dead. All said and done, I had made my mind that this time, my primary computer will be a...
  3. adityak469

    SSHD(1TB) for 7k

    i was thinking to get an upgrade in march after my exams...i was thinking to get a SSHD(1TB) as i heard they are fast,cheap and offer good storage... Please tell me where(online) and which to buy...(links will be appreciated)
  4. avinandan012

    Seagate launches fastest SSHD

    Seagate launches the ‘world’s fastest’ enterprise SSHD for Mission Control Applications | Hardware BBQ
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