1. E

    Android-based Text File Search Engine

    Please suggest me a free app for my Android cellphone [Asus A450CG] that can index and display results from inside Spreadsheets [XLS, XLSX] that I have on my SD Card. I tried out 'Andro Search'. It was a total fail, bloatware, resource-hog, that not only did not index content from inside...
  2. RBX

    Google Spreadsheets Time Functions

    I'm looking for a time function to be used in Google Docs Spreadsheets that would show current time of a defined time zone to the viewer.
  3. R

    OO calc & Excel

    How can I create a spreadsheet in which grids are not visible, like in the screenshot below (disabling grids completely makes grids not visible for every spreadsheet, I need it for separate spreadsheets): I would like to know the procedure in both OO calc and excel2007
  4. godsownman

    Create, store and share spreadsheets on the web, Wonder how ?

    Would you want to do so ? Then simply hop over to the new Google Labs creation presently under the beta banner with 'Limited test' attached. The invitations are being distributed on a First-Come-First-Served basis.:o EDITED ON 20th June, 2006 Invitations have stopped as of now...
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