1. shantanu

    GTA IV Game Discussion

    :DHi Everyone.. Seeing the high demand :D involving me , i decided to make this thread for In game Discussionon GTA IV SPOILERS ALLOWED.. :D We have SPOILERS here.. so Dont read Further if you Dont want to Spoil your Gameplay.. :D here are some screenshots :) , will post more..
  2. Third Eye

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    I am running this thread to discuss Oblivion.You can discuss anything about Oblivion like quests,expansion packs,mods,cheats,hints and spoilers. Oblivion Quest's Walkthrough (Spoilers) Oblivion Cheats and Secrets
  3. aryayush

    Ten things we learned from Spider-Man 3 (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    Spiderman 3 is not just all fun and games, you know. Look a bit closer and Sam Raimi and co. are really making very acute social observations about life, love and sand. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! 1. EMOs are a product of alien symbiosis Read more... :lol: It is a really funny list...
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