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  1. aaruni

    Computer so hot, it doesn't finish boot process without overheat.

    I recently re-applied thermal compound on my Dell Inspiron laptop (link to teardown process : Goodbye overheating! | Aaruni's Blog ). It ran cool for a single day, idle temps at around 45 C. Now it won't boot. Fan spins at full RPM during boot time, and the computer shuts down before booting can...
  2. dibya_kol

    what is faulty ?

    hi guys, i have already lost lot's of hair during this issue so i gave up and now i need some help fron u .. 8 days back in a evening i had played world of warcraft for 3-4 hrs then i shut doun my pc took rest for an hour and switched on my pc, since then the problem started...
  3. vamsi360

    Wanna game on Linux?

    Hi, Gamers....take a look at http://spins.fedoraproject.org/games/ It's Fedora distro with 6 superb games. There are other spins available too... Visit....http://spins.fedoraproject.org/games/
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