1. wwwescape

    Original spare remotes online?

    Does anyone know where I can get original spare remotes online? I am looking for an LG TV remote. The store I got the TV from says that they don't have spares and suggested I buy a duplicate one which is my last resort.
  2. A

    Creative Zen - 4 GB - spare sales ?? Anywhere in India, Texas or SIngapore ??

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone would guide me to some kind of a store in the above mentioned places that sold spares to Creative products. My 4GB zen's display shattered when I met with a road accident and the services and support in Chennai and Bangalore and Mumbai say they would not import...
  3. K

    sony k700 spares for sale

    Any body else interested in purchasing sony ericsson k700i spares like display , antenna , vibrator , keypad pcb etc etc i have damaged the board so only selling any body interested can conact with their prices with the parts . i dont know whether any body else will be interested so i didnt...
  4. S

    Protecting Flash BIOS

    Is there any way to protect the BIOS against virus attacks ? That at least spares me the hardware replacement etc.
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