1. rajsujayks

    Git - What is it..?

    Can anyone here explain me in simple terms what Git is and how I can use it? I have created a program in Java. I have the code. If I want to share the code, can I use git to do it? I tried out Even they use git. How do I add the code to git so that it shows up in...
  2. rocket357

    GeoXPlanet now available at

    The project I linked a while back (the one that plots active tcp/ip connections in XEarth/XPlanet) has been hosted by and is currently available for download:
  3. infra_red_dude

    Mac4Lin Project hosted on

    Mac4Lin Project hosted on My Mac4Lin project is on! :) Keep visiting the page and my blog (URL in my siggy) for updates. The project has been conceived on Ubuntu and GNOME. But it'll soon be tested on other distros...
  4. subhajitmaji

    Windows Media Player Classic Plugins??

    Can anyone suggest me some Plugins (DSP/Effect) for Media Player Classic (not the Microsoft One, the one from, which is a freeware under GPL)
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