1. T

    Home theatre under 22k

    One of my friend want's to purchase home theater for pc n non pc use.. I recommended him logitech z906 . But he sorted out these two Yamaha 196 Pioneer 071 Plz suggest best of these or any else under the budget
  2. r4gs

    Feedback [May 2012]

    Our sincerest apologies people, I do believe the team was really short-handed last month ( I was on leave myself ) and it looks like everyone was too exhausted to notice ( Yes, we do have to work that hard :D ) that the feedback thread wasn't up. Please leave your feedback (those who already...
  3. T

    Graphics Card help!

    I have a budget of 5k and want to buy a graphics card. Something that is not too old.. Min: DX 11.... GT 520 vs HD 6570 vs HD 6670... What is the performance scaling? ive got an i5 2400 I've always had an Nvidia card.. Many people have told me that in the past, ATI had quality/...
  4. P

    Storing sorted data in VB Oracle

    Hey friends, I am developing an applicationn using VB 6 and Oracle. Can any1 tell me how to make sure that when I store data in Oracle db through VB, It is stored automatically in sorted form by a field empcode? Thanks a lot!
  5. S

    Abit IP35-E Socket 775 Motherboard

    is this mobo still available in india? although i had seen it in an online store, i meant is it available in NP? it had a "Double Reboot Issue", has that been sorted out?
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