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  1. S

    Choosing between HD Ready & Full HD LED TV

    I currently have Sony 29 Inch Flat CRT TV & will be upgrading to a LED TV anytime as the TV has some signs of damage. I haven't subscribed to HD Channels. Should I buy a Full HD or HD Ready LED TV? Will SD Channels appear more pixelated on Full HD? What screen size is recommended to avoid...
  2. Arpan Chakraborty

    Wanna Buy 43" Android Smart TV

    hello I am looking for a Smart TV which will be running on the platform of Android.I am looking for 43" and Full HD variant.Can you please suggest me few models with their price. Sony,LG,Samsung, will be first preference.I won't buy MI Smart TV.And if Android Platform for TVs has certain...
  3. vineetrok

    Samsung F5500 (32") or Sony W700B (32")

    I want to buy a 32" TV, priced around Rs. 40,000 . After doing a lot of research I zeroed in on these two models Samsung F5500 Smart Motion Control Ready Full HD LED TV & Sony W700B BRAVIA Full HD TV Important features for me are USB connectivity, WiFi Ready (shouldn't need to buy dongle or...
  4. root.king

    SMART TV or HD TV urgent help!

    guys my friend need urgent help on buying tv within week as he need TV + BLURAY player + 5.1 or 7.1 audio system he choosed this model [ samsung 46f7500 ] his question is Do he really need SMART TV or regular LED 3D+HD TV do the same job he also need bluray player and 5.1 audio system...
  5. S

    Andriod Smart TV WOX100 vs Amkette EVO TV Smart Box vs Akai Smart Box - Convert TV to smart TV

    Hi all , i have CRT TV, i want to make my CRT TV into smart TV :) I google a Lot and found out some good smart TV Boxes in market I got info as smart tv boxes are same like android boxes with Andriod OS (different version) with there interactive Interface to search media and Andriod...
  6. H

    Suggest 40Inch or more Full HD LED Smart Tv..

    Looking to buy a 40inch + smart Tv so need your help over here... -Good picture and sound (Ofc) -Should be able to play well known video formats from my pc(mostly mkv) -Little bit of Internet -Should have refresh rate of 100hz -Budget is max 60-65k and would prefer higher size if possible...
  7. S

    lg 32ls5700 tv

    i want by a lg smart tv, model no. 32ls5700. kindly make a review of this model. I want to buy a full hd led smart tv priced around Rs 45000. Kindly sugest other models also.
  8. A

    HDTV for 60k. Please help asap, plan to buy tomorrow

    1. Budget. 60k 2. Viewing distance. 9-10 feet 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. STB (will soon switch to a HD stb), PC via HDMI / network . iPhone via DLNA 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. LED 5. Preference for brands. none...
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