1. G

    System doesn't boot if new card is slotted home

    Hello everyone. Thank you for the replies in advance. I have the following system : Mercury Kobian PI945GCM motherboard Zebronics 450W power supply 1.5 GB RAM Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Windows XP 32-bit SP3 Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 512 MB As you can see, a very basic config. I...
  2. xbonez

    dual channel in A8N-VM

    i have an ASUS A8N-VM nvidia geforce 6100 chipset motherboard. as of now, both my ram cards are slotted in adjacent slots. how do i know if they r runing in dual channel config? i've got everest yltimate edition. will that tell me? i've heard some mobos require the ram cards to be slotted in...
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