1. RCuber

    Looking for a Ergonomic Chair

    Budget is 5-6K , height adjustment required and good back support (full back) . I often sit more than 3-4 hrs at a stretch (when gaming) so please suggest accordingly. Please Suggest :)
  2. A

    Sit for Microsoft exam 70-480 , free of cost

    Sit for Microsoft exam 70-480 , free of cost. Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start - Microsoft Virtual Academy Tutorials are also in the same link.
  3. S

    Lost my Samsung galaxy Y,can i get it back?

    Heyy Techies.. Yesterday i was on d way to Delhi Junction Railway Station,i was sitting in front of gate in the train,i was actually sitting on a seat,suddenly an idea kicked in my mind let's sit in front of gate it would be interesting,i didn't knew it would lead to such a tragedy.The train...
  4. Goten

    Laptop Screen Screwed - Pls Help

    Here is an image of the problem. It is better if u watch the whole scenario on youtube. I guess my lcd's backlit got fried up. What's ur opinion n how much would it cost me. Nehru place rates pls. Thanks for ur help in advance. P.S.- I did not...
  5. New

    How many hours do you sleep per day?

    Just answer my question. I need at least 7 hours per day else I can't sit in front of my system.So I am going to sleep now.
  6. H

    Help needed for my IPOD urgently

    I hav an IPOD shuffle 1GB (secon gen) Accidentally it was washed in washing machine I immediately took it and rubbed it with a cloth and blew it hard so that i can remove water in it and let i sit for 2 hours and then i swithched it was not working and it doen't show any lights...
  7. Tech Geek

    Comparisons of all intel processors

    I hav seen people asking the diff between all of them This sit will give u some of ur answers
  8. K

    A new Crackme site just released today

    Hey guyz wanna learn about software reversing and software security and your software's vurnability towards cracking then don't forget to surf this site.... This sit needs your promotion and is made my some kids of 15... Please please please promot it... :cool:
  9. romeo_8693

    Is This Freedom?

    These are few questions which bother me everyday about our motherland....... what about the land pakistan occupying on the other siade of the LOC....?? what about china not recognizing arunachal pradesh as a part of india?? what about china claiming the part on the other side of LAC...
  10. maharajadhiraj

    SIT file?

    I recently downloaded a software whose file extension is SIT. How do I open this application file?
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