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  1. cute.bandar

    Making android simpler ? for parents..

    Hi guys I bought this for my parents: Asus MeMO Pad ME172V Tablet Price in India - Buy Asus MeMO Pad ME172V Tablet White 8 GB Online - Asus: Flipkart.com Its alright, but How can I customize android so that its simpler to use ? If this is possible at all. By simpler I mean , instead of...
  2. Z

    Poll: What are the biggest challenges you come across for setting up email on phone?

    many people exactly not aware about email on mobile, and what are the factors that could make it simpler and if they don't what are some of the common challenges. what you think can be done to make email simpler to use on mobile, what are some of the common issues faced by you and your suggestions.
  3. A

    Yahoo introduces two new e-mail address domains

    Yahoo Inc said it introduced two new e-mail domains on Wednesday, allowing users to select new, simpler e-mail addresses ending in ymail.com and rocketmail.com.
  4. dissel

    Free Game from eSport!!! 100% Free.

    May be you know this.....but today i found this on the net..... Hope no one post this same here....Just want to share all game addicted geeks..... More assurance about simpler machine from Track Mania Sorry the size of downlaod is 265 MB....and suitable for Broaband Connection in...
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