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  1. Zangetsu

    List of LAN games on Android

    I want the list of games which can be played with Friends on LAN (Wifi/Bluetooth) the ones I know are : 1.Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2) 2.Virtua Tennis 3.Samurai Showdown 2 4.Asphalt 8 (u need a router atleast for Local-Wifi) Note : Not Online Multiplayer ones only
  2. pkkumarcool

    Dirt showdown installation problem

    Guys i got dirt showdown..when i try to intall using its setup after selecting install directory then error comes Isdone.dll,worked fine on my friends.I hav checked that i hav all files.Please help me what the error says.. its so frustrating when u get a huge game and it not works waste of time...
  3. Skud

    DiRT 4 and DiRT Showdown

    So Codemasters have listened to their customers and splitting their Dirt franchise into two separate games: Dirt 4 continuing the traditional rally racing for purists and Dirt Showdown taking ahead the gymkhana portion of Dirt 3. Read more here:- Two Dirt Roads Diverged on a Muddy Track - PC...
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