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  1. seamon

    Post pictures of your Audio gear.

    Beyerdynamic DT 770Pro 32 ohm - Bassy V shaped headphones with a huge soundstage. I eq them to have a flat freq response. JVC HA FX850 - Bassier than DT 770 pro. V shaped. Huge soundstage for an IEM. In fact, almost as huge as the DT 770 Pro. Mids are pretty damn detailed for a V shaped...
  2. N

    Router suggestion_less than Rs. 2000

    guys, really confused as to which router to buy.. I am staying in a 2BHk flat.. Currently, i have Belkin Basic Router. But its range is pathetic. It is kept in one corner of the living room which is L Shaped . I cannot get the range even if i move in the middle room. So guys please suggest...
  3. aryayush

    An Apple fanboy’s (my) birthday fantasy come true

    An Apple fanboy’s birthday fantasy come true Posted on Feb. 13, ’08, 4:01 PM PT by Aayush Arya Till today, the most fanboy-ish thing I’d ever done was stick an Apple sticker on my forehead for about five minutes and run around the house trying to impersonate Steve Jobs. Suffice it to say...
  4. M

    want rectangular shaped blank CDs

    hi, i m n need to get rectangular shaped cds. pls pm me the availablity and the price for a quantity. waiting
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