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  1. R

    How to setup TATA Sky HD+, Samsung LED TV with Yamaha YHT 196

    Hi All, I impulsively purchased a Yamaha YHT 196 HT without really confirming whether this will work with Tata Sky HD+. I was under the impression that if the HT has HDMI inputs it should directly give a 5.1 sound output for HD channels on Tata sky. I assumed these connections will work ...
  2. D

    same connection diff speeds.How is it possible?

    Recently got a new cheap local 1mbps connection in which the max download speed would be 120KB/s. But in one of my friends laptop(from which the router was set-up) is getting d/l speed of 800KB/s. His utorrent is not updated.
  3. M

    APC UPS 600 attached with PC/LED TV/ROUTER/SET TOP BOX!

    Hi Friends, I have APC UPS RS-600VA (3 pins) which i have attached 4 Socket Surge Protector to APC. So the set-up that i have done is something like this APC - Monitor (Dell ST2220M) APC - CPU APC - Surge Proctector (4 Socket) -> 1) DLINK Router -> 2) Belkin Wifi Router N600 -> 3) 24"...
  4. bijay_ps

    eclipse installation in Ubuntu 11.04

    After reading and getting inspired from this month's Fast Track I installed Ubuntu 11.04 alongside with windows 7. And now I need the following two issues to be resolved 1)I want to install eclipse in it,and i already have set-up for that(which earlier i have downloaded for windows 7),but that...
  5. ring_wraith

    Dual Channel Questions

    I already have 2x512MB sticks of RAM running in Dual Channel. Say I buy two sticks of 1 GB and insert them into the other slots, is it still in Dual Channel? Here's some ASCII art for you. Initial Set-up ###|512|###|empty|###|512|###|empty| ###|512|###|empty|###|512|###|empty|...
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