1. avinandan012

    Cooler Master extrem 600W & "?"gfx card

    I have the CM 600 extreme what's the max gfx card it can power up with Phenom II x4 955 (according to hardware Secrets drawing upto 500W is safe from this PSU) ? I use a 19" DELL @1366x768
  2. hayabusa_ryu

    Give some Photoshop Tutorial and tricks

    Hello friends, Plz suggest some very good sites for photoshop cs2 tutorials and for its tips n tricks.And if u know some tricks (secrets one too),plz give me.Ur suggestion and tutrials will be welcomed.:-D
  3. aryayush

    The 8 secrets that make Apple No. 1

    The 8 secrets that make Apple No. 1 How to succeed in consumer electronics (without really trying) Mike Elgan September 13, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Last week I wrote about how Apple's growing success will trigger accusations that it is a monopolistic, copycat bully and why the company should...
  4. virus_killer

    The Biggest Magic Secrets Compilation

    Guys, Do you want to know the secrets behind magic ? follow these links. 1. * 2. * 3. * 4...
  5. S

    images that reveal your info

    can anyone reveal the secrets of this type of image-files?
  6. ferrarif50

    Gmail Secrets

    Have you got Gmail? Then find out some tricks to make the service even better here: * Gr8 and useful tips.
  7. Vishal Gupta

    Firefox Tips-n-Tricks / Tweaks / Secrets / Codes etc.

    Guys! I hv started this thread to discuss anything related to Firefox browser. U can share here its tweaks, secrets, themes, etc. U can also ask problems, that u r facing with firefox. Most of these tips hv been collected from Firefox Tips Page :)
  8. C

    FireFox secrets

    Here are FF secrets to speed up your browser * Scroll down to the bottom.
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