1. K

    Stop downloading automatically.

    Hi Guys,'\ *In Google Crome, I want to stop downloading Images automatically while visiting websites. How to do that? * Which ENLGISH fonts will be most beautiful in Microsoft Word 2010 after printing them? *Can we scan continously in a single file if we scan page by page, if a scanner...
  2. C

    Digit CD/DVD content on searchable database

    I have a terrible memory and can never remember which CD/DVD carried the software I needed and therefore decided to get the content of the discs in a searchable database. I have now put that online for all readers to use. The URL is: Do let me know if you find any...
  3. kkg_mjh

    PHP guru help me

    hello friends can anyone make a php script for me i want a databse form using mysql mysql detail(used for storing data) server address :- localhost port :- 3306 version :- 5.01 database name:- gb user name :- kunal password :- kunal it...
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