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  1. L

    need suggestions for earbuds or earplugs under rs1000

    hi everyone... im looking for some eaphones ... i dont as such have any preference for type i.e. earbuds(example sake ep50) or earplugs(exmple sake ep630).... i listen to dubstep music which is pure bass dominated.. im basically a bass head..suggestion are required for earphones of any kind...
  2. D

    Which tablet to buy?

    Hya folks, I've decided to get a tab to read ebooks, sometime play some games, surf etc sometimes. my some of expectation from device : 1. Good display (I don't want res like 800X400 but some better I guess) 2. Dual core processor for god sake 3. Must have Android OS my Budget : Max...
  3. trublu

    The first TDF thread/post

    Ok I'm just getting bored..so opened this :D Can anyone post the link to the first post on TDF? I wanna see it..just for the sake of it.. :P
  4. damnthenet

    Dell And Sony

    Source:The Hindu Dell Inc. said on Monday it w'd recall 4.1 million notebook computer batteries made by Sony because they could overheat and catch fire This will be for the sake of saftey concerns at the consumer end, said a Dell spoklesman. As for expansion plans, Dell is also commited to...
  5. A

    O/C'ing an intel from an 865

    Hey can anyone help me here...i have an 865GBF M/B original intel and i suddenly had this urge to overclock my 2.8Ghz P4(prescott)...now i kno there are threads all over the net that o/cing a prescott is bad(heat issues) and that u cant do it off an 865 board anyway....but just for the sake of...
  6. A

    Advice on Internet thru mobile

    I require an internet con without any cords(not allowed in my hostel). But internet thru a ceelphone is allowed. So anybody please help me out to have a best deal in an internet conn. I vent got a mobile, but would buy one for sake of internet. My avg use per month would be 20 hrs. (not syre...
  7. s_arka_r

    build java executibles

    :?: Can anyone tell me for heavens' sake how to build a java self-executible program in JAVA ?
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