1. T

    Rig Suggestion for Budget Gaming.

    I am planning on upgrading my rig with a budget of 25k. The good part being that I already own the gpu, psu and chassis. I already own: Nvidia Zotac 1050ti OC 4GB. Corsair GS600. Zebronics Fantasy Gaming Chassis. The following are what I'm planning to buy within a budget of 25k: AMD Ryzen 3...
  2. Harveyy

    Availability of Intel's Pentium G4560?

    Hi there community members , i was looking to build a budget gaming pc around 30k and pentium g4560 seems to be right choice but the thing is that i cant find it online with a decent price, all the listings are either priced very high (2-3x the actual price) or are out of stock . I have also...
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