1. A

    need earphones under rs.500

    need earphones under rs.500 need non in-ear small ears to watch tv series n movies on laptop
  2. N

    suggest me a good Mouse .

    guys suggest me a good mouse. i already have a wireless keyboard i just need a mouse under Rs.500.
  3. B

    need a keyboard

    hi guys!! i want to buy a new keyboard.. max budget is rs.500.. would be mainly used for gaming.. suggest boys..
  4. M

    [Query] ASUS/Rashi cheating? or the dealer?

    I suggested my friend to buy a ASUS ATI HD4770 512MB DDR5 graphic card. about a one and half year ago, last month the card stopped working. It was sent to asus by my dealer. after a week or so, dealer said the delay is due 'same card is no longer available',so we waited.. finally some...
  5. T

    Webcam between Rs.500-Rs.1000

    Hello all, As the topic states , would you please suggest a good webcam priced between Rs.500 - 1000? Thanks!
  6. iinfi

    giftmate paymate nonsense

    hi all did any of you ever use paymate/giftmate option to shop online. they had a scheme last week saying, watever amt i topped up wud double and be credited to my account. i topped up my a/c by Rs.500 and nothing happened. no one answers in customer support no. and no response to the...
  7. E

    Help regarding 6600

    I'm having a little trouble. I only wanted to know how to format my memory card of my Nokia 6600. I tried to get it done outside in a shop, but the people there charge around Rs.500 for doing it. I have a card reader as well as a BlueTooth Dongle. If there's a way to do this easily, can someone...
  8. S

    A question for pune techies..

    Now i have finally arrived at pune..and one of the basic requirement is a net i am new 2 pune please help me in choosing a right internet budget is rs.500 pm.speed does not matter too much as i am used 2 dial up connections...are there any unlimited schemes for...
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