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  1. Pragadheesh

    AR Rahman’s brand value skyrockets to Rs10 crore

    The Oscar win seems to have not only provided AR Rahman a global platform for his music but has also shot up his market price to a throbbing Rs10 crore. According to reports, the composer has recently bagged an endorsement from Apple worth Rs10 crore. It is believed that Rahman is being...
  2. Rockstar11

    Super Stars or Real Stars..?

    Super Stars ?? How much did u send SMS for them???? 5 SMS s ? = Rs10 x 5 =Rs50 10 SMS s? = Rs10 x 10 =Rs100 100 SMS s? = Rs10 x 100 =Rs1000 Or more??? ? ? ? ? AND Real Stars???. How much did u donate for their fund...
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