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  1. arpanmukherjee1

    Assasins Creed 2

    how does the health bar in AC2 increases ? in the place where Enzio first meets Rosa.
  2. P

    shud i wait for INTEL SANTA ROSA

    guys i hve to buy a laptop , i hv options from HP nd Toshiba . bt i guess in delhi we hvnt gt notebooks , with intel santa rosa platform. i just wanna ask dat shud i wait for santa rosa notebooks or shud i buy da ones availbe at present ? nd plz suggest a notebook b/w hp 6314 ( 15.4'...
  3. gxsaurav

    Macbook/Pro Updated with Santa Rosa

    This just in. Apple store went down some time ago & now it is up. We now have updated Macbooks & Macbook Pro's with faster Santa Rosa platform from Intel & finally DirectX 10 for those using Boot Camp & Vista in the form of Nvidia 8600GT Mobile alongwith LED Backlit display Prices are as...
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