1. pr.itdude

    59 yr old "YOUNG" Mr. Bhagwat

    Mr. Bhagwat is the new RSS chief after K S Sudarshan stepped down and announced his retirement. Mr. Sudarshan said young people should come forward and take major positions although he might be true as he retired at around 80 and the new chief is mere 59 yrs old.......actually young as...
  2. O

    Rumour - Another New Nokia Touch Screen Phone Coming

    Through the recent launch of the Nokia Xpress Music 5800, Nokia has not only introduced the Series 60 5th edition system but has also "arrived", as far as touch-screens are concerned. Yes, there was the now old 7710 which was the only device to run on the Series 90 platform -- but how many of...
  3. krates

    Windows XP to be retired!

    Hello, Windows XP is going to be retired after a week (January 31). So what to do now?.. Yeah! we can still use XP, but XP is getting old! 6 years old. Read the BBC story: and... Vista sucks.... So what now? any ideas? Thanks
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