1. funkysourav

    Convenient Video resizing software needed

    Hi guys, does anyone know any good application to conveniently resize videos? The features i need Multithreading/GPU accelearation support is appreciated. Queuing Resize multiple episodes at once Good resizing ratio without compromising on quality for the output resolution I need to...
  2. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Image resizing n video edition problms

    I have around some 1000 images dat iv clicld on a DSLR, now d resizing softwwares r resizing the images to a resolution of 720 X 482 and the resolution dat i want 4 PAL is 720 X 576. Being in a wider form, its not possble to resize the images in dis aspect wthout affectin dere perspective...
  3. anish_sha

    Y display pic is not comming for me :(

    i tried resizing it to 80*80.. still its not coming... y????????????????????
  4. C

    photoshop help needed

    I need to resize around 30 images all stored in a single folder. Can some bedy tell me a simple and fast way of resizing all the pictures to the same size in one go.
  5. Tech Geek

    resizing gifs

    does anyone know how to resize the gifs
  6. K

    Resizing Partions on a dynamic Disk?

    is Resizing Partions on a dynamic Disk possible? i tried partition magic with no results
  7. Dipen01

    !!! Problem with Partition Magic while Resizing....

    hey guys... Got a problem here.. i was resizing my Partition .. I mean i was decreasing size of one partition and adding remaining space to other... using PARTITION MAGIC 8.0.. and power went off... and when power resumed i started my PC...and i saw that the partition that was to...
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