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    Residents in Germany cover walls with superhydrophobic substance that splashes your pee back at you

    Tired of the drunken revelers who use their streets as one big public urinal, the residents of St. Pauli, the party quarter of the German city of Hamburg, have decided to fight back in a novel way. A St. Pauli community organization coated numerous walls throughout the quarter in...
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    Become a Crime-Fighting Superhero in Your Spare Time

    Chris Goodroe doesn’t do Facebook, and he doesn’t do Twitter. Online socializing isn’t his thing. But after watching his neighbors use the internet to bust a pair of burglars earlier this year, the Oakland attorney decided to make an exception for Nextdoor, a neighborhood social network that is...
  3. anandk

    Custom Domains from Live for India Launched.

    Microsoft today announced the launch of a service which lets Indian users create unique e-mail ids. The service is powered by Windows Live Hotmail. This initiative was flagged off by unveiling an e-mail id for the residents of Lokhandwala in Andheri, Mumbai.
  4. A

    Gr8 Intel

    In one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth, the Amazon, Intel Corporation has created a wireless, high-speed Internet network for residents to access vast resources of medical, educational and commercial knowledge through computers. The project is part of the Intel World Ahead Program...
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