1. socrates

    Nokia offering $10,000 for remixing their signature tune

    First Facebook started by offering a prize for finding bugs, now Nokia :D Nokia offering $10,000 for remixing their signature tune A cool way of getting others to do your work all in the name of getting your customers involved. :)
  2. Disc_Junkie

    For the hobbyist remixers...........

    Do you like remixing tracks?? I love it a lot and do it as a hobby. I create tracks in FL Studio 8 and hear them. But I don't know much about the different components of FL Studio. I just use the FL Keys and FL Slayer but there are many inbuilt plugins. I use AV Music Morpher 4 for isolating...
  3. N

    MP3 Remixing Software Required

    Guys, plz post some links from where I can download softwares for remixing the MP3s I have. I really need them. They can be either FREEWARE or SHAREWARE, it doesn't matter. Thankx in advance !!
  4. S

    best remixing software?

    hai guys...can anybody tell which is the best software for remixing a song? the software must completely remove its original beats and must enable us to add new beats to the song.
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