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  1. M

    recoil prob

    hey guys i recently downloaded recoil demo version from gamespot and installed the game. Wheni run the game i get the message "The procedure entry point UnMapLS could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" How do i solve this prob. tx
  2. T

    Help required in recoil

    Hello guys i required help in recoil i am stuck at the last stage as where i have been teleported to a place and i have to destory two moving red beams at the top and a machine in between which keeps on firing at me. Plz guide me through as how do i finish this machine or someone plz send me the...
  3. anandk

    cant play RECOIL on xp.

    there used to be this game RECOIL, which i used to like playing. i cud play it on win98. but around 6 mnths back, i switched over to winxp. now i find that i am unable to play it. even after successful installation/s, it asks for a particular missing file. other confif is same. is it...
  4. P

    Recoil Walkthrough

    I want a Walkthrough of the classic action game Recoil. Trying on google provides me nothing.
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