1. patkim

    SMS Delivery report related query

    I find that the SMS Delivery Report is not received if the recipient's phone is Off for some time due to which the delivery is delayed. In such case I thought that the delivery report might be received late (when recipient's phone is switched on and active on network and does receive that SMS)...
  2. kl_ravi

    How to hide recipients mail ID's in OE

    Hi all, How to hide the recipients mail id's in the e-mails sent to multiple users/ID's in outlook express 6.0. I want to use TO and CC fields only. I don't want to use BCC field Thanks in advance...
  3. Z

    help!!!!! email error

    whenever i try sending mail from my email account using outlookxp from any of my pop3 email accounts with smtp... i get these errors can anyone say or explain wat these are exactly!!!!! the website says somethin abt CBL n spam sending wat iss ittttttttttttt???? plssssssssss help...
  4. C

    how do i hide e-mail addresss

    Whenever i send mail from yahoo mail all the recipients addresses are displayed to each recipient. Can anyone suggest a method so that recipients are not disclosed.
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