1. Vyom

    Weird Thoughts Thread

    So lately I have been feeling little philosophical. Started having some strange or weird thoughts about life and all. I started documenting them until I have a few to share. I will start with couple of them and my elaborate thoughts about it. I am wondering whether you guys have some such...
  2. G

    Should I finalize this build?

    I'm thinking of buying this build: I also have an 5770 gfx card, 250gb SATA and monitor, so i don't need to spend money on those. I'm trying to stay below 27k. I know the 600va is weak but I have an inverter that takes over the whole house after a blackout, the only problem is that it...
  3. raksrules

    Easiest way to Mod/Patch my SE w800i R1BC002

    Hi all I have a Sony Ericsson w800i with R1BC002 firmware. I want to mod / apply patches / customize my phone. I need to do it with minimum hassles and also ensure that my phone does not go Kaput if i mess up things. Any pointers in this regard will be appreciated. PS: I am aware about various...
  4. koolbluez

    30 Phrases To Repeat During Difficult Technical Discussions

    Again, a stumble.... It used to be a skill of Social Climbers a key skill was that of name dropping. Now it is a question of core phrase dropping during difficult technical discussion. When at loggerheads it is always wise to know such phrases as 1. that is why it is time to upgrade to the...
  5. yrana2002

    Profiles in firefox

    Recently, I had to force firefox.exe to shut down as it was not responding. The next time when i opened it, it asked me for profiles. on selecting default, it said profile is currently in use. Please select another profiel.So, i created another one. but i realize there is no extensions or themes...
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