1. bijay_ps

    sql/Mysql programming on Ubuntu 10.04

    Hey guys! I am new to linux. And I have installed Ubuntu 10.04. Now I want to do database programing like creating tables, joins,etc so can anyone tell me how to do that in Ubuntu 10.04??
  2. A

    Need Help to buy i7 or i5 15.6" HD under 45K (without OS)

    i want to buy new laptop i7 or i5 based. brand no bar. i want 15.6" HD as i want to use it for watching move. i want good computing power as i want to use for video conversion for my handycam and i want to use for programing also. my budget is 45K to 50K (without os) Thanks in advance --...
  3. S

    Need C computer graphic project

    Hi. I m an engineering student. I need project for computer grpahics in C programing.. can u help me to get that
  4. Abhishek Dwivedi

    The Algorithms thread

    This thread is for sharing and asking the basic Algorithms related to any Programing language. Way of Asking: Programing Language- Algorithm required- Program(if made)- Other Information(if required)- Important: Users Asking for the Algorithms should try Google search first before...
  5. src2206

    Online programing training

    Hi, In one of the back issues of DIGIT I found out about a site which imparts free training on certain languages. Is there any site where I can learn programing languages like C/ C++ etc? Please inform. Thank you
  6. J

    Linux Shell programing

    Hi All, Plz tell me, where i get the good tutorial on Unix/Linux Shell Programing... :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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