1. T

    Queries about PowerSaver

    These day very often we see the advertisements of powersavers claiming to save upto 40%power in newspapers,TV and through Advertising SMSs. I want to know if they do actually work or are just fake products. If they do work, what is the principle behind their working?
  2. A

    An Amazing Honda accord ad

    This is an advertisement which stands separetly out form other advertisement. Full of creativity and perfection. Perfection is the underline principle of Honda and this ad clearly depicts that. Read the full post here.
  3. N

    pricipal of pt 100 sensor?

    hi any one can tell the principle of PT100 sensor
  4. ferrarif50

    Scientists Create Invisibility Cloak

    Using a new design theory, researchers have developed the blueprint for an invisibility cloak. Once devised, the cloak could have numerous uses, from defense applications to wireless communications, the researchers said. Such a cloak could hide any object so well that observers would be totally...
  5. ferrarif50

    The Hard-Disk That Works Only Under Water

    Imagine having computer memory so dense that a cubic centimeter contains 12.8 million gigabytes of information. Imagine an iPod playing music for 100 millennia without repeating a single song or a USB thumb-drive with room for 32.6 million full-length DVD movies. Now imagine if this could be...
  6. N

    GNU GPLv3 !

    Welcome to GPLv3 We are here to revise and update the GNU General Public License, from version 2 to version 3. In fifteen years of use, version 2 of the GNU General Public License has succeeded beyond our expectations. It has nurtured a spirit of cooperation and trust that has enabled a...
  7. D

    how compression take place?????

    hi, i want to know what is the principle of compression in winzip,winrar etc.. hw is it done actually????
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