1. T

    Gaming Job...

    Hi all!! I am currently pursuing a course in Game Development & Designing. I stay in Mumbai & intend to take up a part time (preferrably) or full time job in the field of 3D games. So am looking for suggestions on 3D game companies or companies involved in the development or designing of 3D...
  2. S

    Thermal Paste

    Hi, Looking to purchase a thermal paste tube. Quantity should be good enough for at least two time application. Preferrably MX2. Should not be too old. NCR seller preferred.
  3. I

    DSLR around 30-35K

    Hello!! Can someone pls. guide me a good DSLR Camera widin the range of 30 to 35K?? Preferrably Nikon...
  4. slugger

    NEEDED FREEWARE wallpaper changer

    i have a collection of wallpaers all stored in a folder. is thred any FREEWARE sw dat will automatically change d wallpaper everytime i start d computer in a random manner, preferrably form a different folder. i need d sw 2 noly change wallpapers and nothing else
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