1. A

    Need Help ASAP to buy a game

    I need to buy Hotline Miami from Humble bundle Store ASAP. Will pay by whatever means I can. PS: This post is only valid till midnight 20/11/13 PPS: Message me on Steam/this forum once before making any purchase
  2. fakkadbaba

    Help : Powerpoint Show

    Please guide on the following aspects:- 1. What does 'embedding' mean, and how to embed a wav file in powerpoint show? 2. Can a wav file be embedded without the 'sound' icon? 3. How to delete/remove a pre-embedded wav or any other file from a pps? 4. If a pps can be opened in 'read...
  3. J

    Extension Problem

    hey guys, now a days i m facing a problem with the extensions. i am unable to see the extension of files by single clicking on it. If i want to change the ppt to pps ,how can i change that b'coz if i click F2 it is not showing the extension. pl help
  4. M

    pps file ,,whats this,,,,how to view this,,,,,

    hi one friend mailed me some jokes as attachements and when i tried to open this ,,,i didnt make that ,,,,,, in properties it pps file,,,,,so whats this,,,,,same like gif or something else and how to view this,file manoj
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