1. kunalht

    TDF Playdates V2.0

    This is a new playdates thread..... OK so guys following have been decided on the Playdate Chatroom with public poll UPDATE /watch?v=SQxVA_rkn6U Also please avoid discussion of any further details about this particular Playdate because it is decided and it won't change under any...
  2. D

    Playdates Reboot

    thinkdigit playdate Prologue Initially started as an idea to revive and revisit the games that we don't often play, the playdate thread has succeeded in it's goal. We now have Quake 3 players, Trackmania players, Altitude, Killing Floor, CSGO, COD 4, CSGO players who'll be glad yo join you in...
  3. D

    Thinkdigit Playdate?

    thinkdigit playdate play, discover, revive awesome games with friendly digitians. How to download the games? Check this. How to join playdate servers? Guide to connecting to servers. When is the next playdate? Check the upcoming playdates spoiler and follow...
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