1. B

    SoundMagic PL11 or ES18 or any other suggestions around 600Rs

    SM PL11 is currently retailing at 500 on amazon wheres ES18 is 650. Very tight budget so I'm wondering if paying extra for ES18 worth it? Any other suggestions at this price bracket are also welcome
  2. Cool Buddy

    IEM for ~3k

    I'm looking for IEMs in the range of Rs. 3000. I'll be using this one with my Xperia L and occasionally with my Laptop. I mostly listen to Rock and R&B and some Hindi music. So the mids are most important for me. I'm considering Sennheiser CX 300 II. Is it a good option? Please suggest good...
  3. webgenius

    SoundMagic PL11

    Hi guys, I found a good deal on ebay for SoundMagic PL11 earphones. Link. I can use HDFC/ICICI card to get discounts. How is this product?
  4. prophet

    Headphone suggestions

    Could you please suggest me a suitable Circumaural Headphone for my tablet, the main use will be for watching regular movies and occasionally listening to music, i already own the soundmagic pl11 but i dont want another IEM thats why going for circumaural, thanks in advance :) Budget- 1k
  5. somulesnar

    soundmagic pl11 vs JVC Marshmallows

    JVC Marshmallows manufacturer's description: The HA-FX34 Marshmallow has been designed with wearer comfort as a top priority. Super-soft earpieces in two sizes are supplied as standard, providing a snug fit for a wide range of users. While the earpieces provide a perfect fit for the ears...
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