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  1. ico

    Pen Suggestion - Pilot V5 alternative

    I'm a Pilot V5 pen user. For those who don't know, this is Pilot v5 - Pilot V5 (Pack of 2) - Flipkart.com The pen is expensive, costs Rs. 50 in pack of 3. Rs. 70 stand alone. But the ink is Rs. 10 and can refill upto 4 pens. Now the problem which I face these days is, the quality of their inks...
  2. theserpent

    When facepalm is also not enough:Air India pilot takes wrong route and delays flight by an hour beca

    Air India pilot takes wrong route and delays flight by an hour because she wanted to eat Kachoris | Younews.in Crazy piolt
  3. nix

    power surge shuts laptop..now it wont start...is it the adaptor?

    i have a dell vostro 1000. it was in real good condition. but today... while i was browsing the net on it... i heard a faint "tack" sound and the laptop immediately shut down. it was connectecd to the wall outlet thru the AC adaptor. then i try to run it on batteries...it wont start up...nothing...
  4. Gigacore

    Not for the Mass, only for enthusiasts.

    Hi guys n gals. If you are an aviation enthusiast, pilot or a student pilot, there is a cool website waiting for you. I'm not going to mention the site, as it will be spamming. anyone intersted can PM me. AS I SAID BEFORE, THIS IS NO SPAM. only interested can PM me.
  5. M

    $100 Kids' Laptop ..India --are close to agreement,Nicholas Negroponte said.

    tke a look..... i think this is good news for us.... http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,125961,00.asp they willl bring this project in india as pilot project...ahead than other countries... http://www.laptop.org/map.en_US.html pics of $ 100 laptop...
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