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  1. Sathish

    Suggest best IDE for PHP/MySQL dev-env (beg/inter level)

    hi friends.. im new to php /MySQL.. studying PHP/MySQL as part-time course.. and i want an easy and best IDE to develop applications on PHP/MySQL /Apache environment.. as far i searching in web.. i found eclipse is a good IDE.. is it best and good for beginners/intermediate level
  2. S

    Installing IIS 5 <EMERGENCY>

    Wen i tried to install IIS 5 (5 times already :x :x ) on win Xp Pro sys, I get prompted for username and paswd wen i type localhost.. Well i have prev worked with IIS wen i had a PHP/Mysql assignment but i had uninstalled IIS after dat was over. Cud i have done smthng den to cause...
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