1. H

    Confused...Samsung Note 1 or optimus vu

    I need a phablet with an active digitizer was planning to buy Galaxy note one. But now LG optimus Vu is also in the same price bracket (26k) So I need your opinion and reviews of both the phones I am not going for note 2 as its >30k Not interested in cheap phablets like micromax/spice etc...
  2. vinyasmusic

    Tablet under 6-7k and 10k ie 2 tablets

    Requirements for the two tablets : 1. Google Play support 2. Sim card slot 3. MircoSD slot 4. Good resolution for the 10k tablet ( 6-7k shud atleast have 800x480 ) 5. nice touch response will be appreciated :) 6. No Chinese ... Micromax and family is ok
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