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    Nikon D5500 or Pentax K70

    Hello all enthusiasts out here, I am planning to buy a DSLR soon. I was looking at all the available models in the market for the last few days and finally narrowed down for two. I am very confused between Nikon D5500 or the Pentax K70 models! Here are the differences in brief between the...
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    Looking for Pentax DA/ DA L 55-300 Lens !!

    Hi, I live in Pune, Maharshtra. I own Pentax K-x DSLR which was bought from US. Now I want to purchase Pentax 55-300 zoom lens. I cant buy from US and I couldnt find online. Please let me know If i can find in any specific local store from mumbai / pune. Used lens will also work. Thanks in...
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