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  1. Vyom

    Demystifying Pacenet (login based browsing session) And Speeding Up Peer to Peer Sharing

    So year my first resolution became shifting from MTNL's unfriendly service to some (and later any) Broadband. And I shifted to Pacenet. I am on a Rs 930, 1 Mbps Unlimited plan. (No FUP). As with any new stuff, I am learning stuff that I never knew and trying to figure out the best way to use...
  2. S

    Should i go for Pacenet?

    I live in Aarey colony near royal palms mumbai. The only broadband providers are Tikona and pacenet.. Installed tikona last week.. Not working at all. download speed of 3 to 4 kbps for unlimited 600kbps plan.. planning to terminate other option local cable provider. He says the ISP is...
  3. ::cyborg::

    Welcome To Broadband Pacenet

    hi guys i saw this when i logged today to my net account of pacenet.omg LOL Just see spelling mistakes. my net wallah is a big stupid even the customer care sucks whenever i call a guy picks up the phone and i can hear the air coming from his nostrils so badly that its impossible to talk...
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